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Activism Tip--Politicians on Your Cell Phone

By John DuLong - Posted on 10 June 2009

Have you ever listened to something on the TV or radio and thought, damn, I should call up my legislator about this issue, and then the thought passes. Do what I do. I have put my state and federal legislators telephone numbers on my cell phone. Whenever I read or hear something that calls for action, I call my politicians on my cell phone and leave a message expressing my concern.

This came in handy the other day when I was stuck at the Secretary of State's office for a couple of hours. I was able to contact my federal legislators about single-payer health insurance and my state legislators about not cutting Medicare/Medicaid or aid to libraries in the budget. I turned wasted time into politically active time.

I should add that if it is an issue I feel strongly about I follow up my phone call with a traditional letter. By the way a letter or a phone call are both better than an email in getting the attention of politicans.

Now I have to add Mr. Obama's Whitehouse number to my cell phone.

So go forth with your cell phones and be a progressive advocate.