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Brooks, Boehner, and Janice had a Tea Party

By Congressman Gary Peters
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You know that I am not generally prone to hyperbole, but I would say that this past week demonstrated everything that is wrong with our political discourse - why we're all so frustrated and angry with politics as usual.

What the Tea Party is doing to our politics in Greater Detroit, Lansing, and Washington D.C. is infuriating, and it is time for progressives to band together and fight back.

Starting here at home, I was dismayed to see Troy's new Tea Party Mayor, Janice Daniels, and her tea party minions reject the $8.4 million in federal funding I worked to secure for the Troy Transit Center.

This would have been terrific project to spur economic development, expand access to the best jobs across Greater Detroit and a key component of a regional transit system. But I will not back down simply because of their shortsighted and extreme agenda; I will redouble my efforts to help bring mass transit to Greater Detroit.

In Washington, Speaker John Boehner is so afraid of compromise that he will not even allow the House to vote on a package to extend middle class tax cuts and unemployment insurance even though it got 89 votes and overwhelming bipartisan support in the United States Senate.

I just got back from Washington last night and I have to tell you I have never been more frustrated. It is tragic that the Tea Party is allowed to hold up help for working families just when they need it the most.

On New Years Day, 160 million middle class Americans will pay roughly $1,000 more per year in taxes - all because Tea Party Republicans have decided it is more important to play politics. In this economy, that is inexcusable. They have no shame. Now the clock is ticking to a middle class tax increase.

Back home in Lansing, Republicans are colluding to take away our votes in Oakland County. The radical state legislature passed a bill that will undo the democratically passed redistricting of the Oakland County Commission. Not only that, but Lansing is going to tell us to reduce the size of our County Commission which will likely reduce minority representation.

This is a right wing power grab by Oakland County Republicans led by Brooks Patterson and Governor Snyder signed the bill that will allow it to happen. This is an outrage, but rest assured we will fight this.

So my friends, the Tea Party will go to any lengths to stop progress, stymie the middle class, and to hold onto power. This is why we must be victorious in 2012. Elections have consequences so we have to win across the board and up and down the ballot. Together we can defeat them and their narrow extreme agenda.