You are hereCommon Cause Michigan Launches Effort to Track and Organize for True Government Reform in Michigan

Common Cause Michigan Launches Effort to Track and Organize for True Government Reform in Michigan

By Melanie McElroy, Common Cause Michigan
Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today Common Cause Michigan launched RightToKnowMichigan.Org, a website that will track the progress of true ethics reform in our state.

“We are asking all Michigan citizens who care about protecting their right to know when corporations spend money to influence elections or government officials to visit RightToKnowMichigan.Org, where they can sign on to our petition calling for real reforms in Lansing,” announced Melanie McElroy, executive director of Common Cause Michigan.

The website will also include a shot clock that will run until Michigan law is changed to require full disclosure of corporate money in politics. “Citizens United unleashed a new era of corporate money flowing into our political system,” McElroy said. “It is critical that our Election Laws are changed to promote full disclosure and accountability.”

“On January 18th Governor Snyder declared his commitment to passing comprehensive government reform in Michigan,” McElroy continued. “It is now February and we have still seen no action on this important issue. The State Senate has several bills on campaign finance, but they are missing the mark. Common Cause Michigan is calling on the leaders of State of Michigan to come forth with true ethics reform that will protect the democratic process.”

As we recently marked the second anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court case, it is important to look to our states, our laboratories of democracy, to make sure that we increase transparency in our reporting of campaign and lobby spending.

“Now more than ever we need state laws that stop people’s voices from being drowned out by corporate and special interests on Election Day,” McElroy emphasized. “Common Cause is committed to ensuring that citizens' voices are heard and that comprehensive ethics reform is signed into law, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on efforts in Michigan until that happens.”

For more information, please visit RightToKnowMichigan.Org.