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Happy Birthday!

By U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today, we celebrate the 175th birthday of the Great State of Michigan! On January 26, 1837, President Andrew Jackson signed the law giving Michigan statehood. And what an incredible 175 years it has been!

As I was watching the State of the Union on Tuesday, I couldn’t get over how many times President Obama mentioned Michigan. At one point, Vice President Biden pointed at me and smiled – the President just couldn’t stop talking about all the good things we’re doing!

Our auto companies are making a remarkable comeback. We’re investing in the future with clean energy manufacturing, advanced battery technology, and new opportunities like bio-based manufacturing. In fact, Michigan now leads the country in new clean energy patents, and last month, we were first in the nation for economic growth.

As Chair of the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, I travelled all across Michigan earlier this month to talk about the success of our agriculture sector. One in four jobs already comes from agriculture, and we expect to keep growing those jobs in the next few years.

We’re not out of the woods by any means, but the momentum is certainly with us. So today, as Michigan turns 175 years old, let’s celebrate some of the things that make the Great Lakes State so great!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent the Great State of Michigan in the U.S. Senate. I am so honored by your friendship and support.