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New OCDP Office

By Cathy King - Posted on 08 March 2009

Stopped by the new office on Friday. I gave the wrong address but right location on Wednesday. It is 30800 Telegraph Road. 30800-30700-30600 are all connected at north end of the Bingham Office Comples (blue and white signs). 30800 us the far north end. Suite 1921. No signs on door yet. Nice space - actually offices, little kitchenette, and place to set up phone bank. Even a cafeteria in the bldg and several other small shops. Lots of boxes yet to be unloaded. Jenny was pleased that I turned in our donation of $200 for the Grand Opening fundraiser. Again April 4th. Unfortunately, the MDP just announced that there will be a state central meeting that day! No time or place announced. Hopefully it will be in tri-county area, be done by noon so all can come by the new OCDP event.

Nicole and I went to the new OCDP office today (Monday the 9th) for a meeting and indeed, the place is great. More work to finish the unpacking and decorating but it's looking fantastic.

Getting there was easy. From Berkley we went west on I-696 to Telegraph Rd., then went north until just before 13 Mile. Pulled in to the right and there it was! Once in the building lobby, we walked to the left and then entered the first suite on the left (suite 1921).

It took us about 10 minutes each way in the non-rush hour traffic.

Also... watch for news coming soon about the "Yes, We Moved!" Open House and Expo party on Saturday April 4th, from noon until 5pm.