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Senate Democrats Review of State of State Address

Senate Democrats Say Governor’s Address Completely Missed the Mark

January 16, 2013
Robert McCann

LANSING—Senate Democrats called out Governor Snyder for once again delivering a State of the State address that focused on doing what’s best for corporations rather than what’s best for Michigan’s families. Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer specifically called out the Governor for only mentioning education twice during his address, once in terms of expanding his bankrupt state school district and the other in terms of providing early childhood education to only a select group of our kids.

“It’s frustrating to hear the Governor talk about bipartisanship while completely ignoring the issues that should be uniting us,” said Whitmer. “The people of Michigan want to hear an agenda that will create jobs and reinvest in our local schools so that our kids will have the opportunities of tomorrow. Unfortunately, that was nowhere to be found in the Governor’s address tonight.”

The public’s growing outrage over the Governor’s controversial and divisive agenda was embodied by countless protesters at the Capitol tonight. These Michigan citizens were again met with heightened security to keep the general public at arm’s length from their government. The people’s anger and opposition to the Governor’s agenda is understandable. For the first time ever, retirees in Michigan could be paying more than $1,000 in taxes on their pensions. Working families will also see their taxes go up by hundreds of dollars this year due to the tax changes put in place by the Snyder administration. Over the past year, parents and teachers in Michigan have seen class sizes on the rise as more than $1.8 billion was taken out of our K-12 schools to fund tax cuts for large corporations.

The Governor’s disparate agenda only continued tonight, as he outlined policy outcomes with little specifics that will potentially continue to hurt Michigan families who have already suffered significantly under his agenda, including road funding, drastic insurance changes and his ongoing efforts to put more education funding in the hands of unproven outside organizations instead of in the classroom.

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