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Why Vote Obama in for a Second Term?

By Marcia Ham
Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Affordable Care Act

A friend of mine has a 23 year old daughter. She was living on her own and had a job but it didn’t pay benefits. She was in desperate need of dental surgery but was unable to pay for it. Because she was too old to be on her mother’s health care plan and her employer didn’t offer health care coverage for her, she went without much needed dental care.

My friend was worried and upset to the point of tears until the passage of the Affordable Care Act. By President Obama signing it into law, my friend’s daughter, being under the age of 26, was able to be covered by my friend’s health insurance and finally get the dental surgery she so urgently needed.

My friend was so relieved and appreciative of the new law and how it helped her daughter. Because of what President Obama has done to help my friend and her daughter along with many other Americans in similar situations, I will vote Obama for a second term in 2012.